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Wedding Kits

The Kits

My kits are bespoke. You choose which items you would like, the design and colour and then I put them in to a kit for you. 
Each kit comprises templates for you to cut out and assemble, ribbon, embellishments etc. Plus instructions! The embellishments will come to you already cut. You only need to cut out the larger templates.
NB Glue is NOT provided.

I can send a free paper sample for your approval before you purchase your kit.

Papers and Graphics

The papers I use are designed by Lynne-Marie Favreau from Quebec, Canada. I am the only person in the UK with a license to use her papers for wedding stationery. So you won't see these designs on the high street,  giving you a totally unique look to your wedding.


I use only the highest quality 300gsm card and Kodak printing at 300 dpi to ensure your stationery has a professional feel to it. I take a great pride in creating high quality products.


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